How to Manage and Secure Your Online Poker Money Transactions

Poker players love online poker because it is a lot easier to play. All you need are a couple of bucks and your computer. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to manage your money transactions, it will be easy for someone else to get in the game and take all your fun88 คาสิโน winnings.

Create a new email account

Every time you play online poker, your personal details and bankroll will be displayed at the poker table. You do not want this information falling into the hands of other players or hackers. It is advisable to create a new email address that you can only use for online poker transactions and keep it separate from your other accounts. This way, if someone has access to your email account, they will not know anything about your online poker operations.

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Do not use your credit card or bank account

One of the biggest mistakes that most players make is to use their credit card or bank accounts to fund their online poker accounts. If this information becomes known to other poker players, it will be easy for them to drain your account dry. The safest option for you is to fund your ยืนยันบัญชี fun88 poker account with your PayPal account. Once you deposit money into your PayPal account, it will be instantly transferred into your online poker account.

Do not reveal your name

You will want to keep your real name and personal information a secret from everyone else that plays at the poker table. You do not want anyone from your past catching wind of your online poker account or hacking into it. Using an alias or fake name for the purpose of online poker is preferable to you because it will not reveal any personal information that can be used against you.

Secure your Control Panel

If you use Poker Stars as your online poker platform, then a secure Control Panel is essential for you. In order to do this, you need to create a name that is only visible to the owner of the account and not anyone else. This will make it hard for other players or hackers to find out any information they might need. You should also disable the auto-refresh feature from working on your computer because it can reveal all your personal details if exposed.